Our Products


After meticulous research by our scientific team to create luxurious, quality blends we bring you our natural, plant-derived formulations that truly bring you as close to nature as possible. We make it our priority to look after our customer’s well-being and that of our precious planet.


At Ena we believe good design doesn’t mean you have to skimp on sustainability. Ena’s signature design was created with the Australian landscape in mind. Refer to our section on our Footprint for more on our sustainability practices.

Our entire range is created and made in Australia. Our 500ml & 1 litre refill bottles are made from 100% post consumer recycled (PCR) materials, which are again recyclable.

Our Hand Treatment, Foot Treatment and Lip Balm tubes are all made from 33% PCR materials, which is the highest possible level to contain our plant based formulations. As the science improves, we will improve with it.


Looking after our planet is a priority for us at Ena. We are constantly reassessing how we can improve here. There are no single use plastics in our range.
We use no plastic wrap or bags in any of our packaging, which is a very deliberate choice. We take our environmental promise very seriously, even if it costs more to do so.