My Story

The concept for the Ena range was born years ago and thousands of kilometres away in the ancient city of Machu Picchu when I was trekking solo around the world. 

I had spent seven months away from friends and family, and as I sat early one morning at the Sun Gate watching the clouds part to reveal the incredible Incan ruins, I had an epiphany: I wasn’t going back to my former life in TV and advertising. I wanted to pursue a career in health, following my natural inclination to always make people feel good.

I packed up my travelling kit, came back home, and enrolled in a massage therapy course. This in turn led me to study plant-based and essential oils from a therapeutic angle. I studied under respected teachers who taught me how to create and manufacture nutrient-dense natural creams, oils and ointments. I spent time looking into what oils were most pleasing to the senses, while at the same time making skin look and feel amazing.

For the past ten years I’ve been tweaking my range, refining recipes, taking extensive notes following feedback from friends, family and clients in order to create a range that I’m now ready to release into the world.

I named it in honour of my grandma, Ena, who was a truly beautiful woman both inside and out. And now it’s ready for you.  Packed with nutrients, love and good vibes.