In Conversation With Paola and Joy

We believe that scent and styling go hand-in-hand: if perfume is the finishing touch to an outfit, then aromatherapy can uplift an interior space, completing it, making it feel like home.
And just like putting together the 'perfect' outfit... When the decor pieces compliment the scent, it feels like a match made in heaven. That's the feeling we had when we gazed upon the beautiful range from Paola and Joy paired with Ena's Essential...
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In Conversation With Rice Paper the Label

One of the joys of Instagram is discovering new and exciting brands that speak to our hearts and minds. When we came across Ricepaper the Label a few years ago, we were instantly drawn towards their simple and elegant aesthetic, and most importantly, their environmental ethos when it comes to designing sustainably. From the early days of their launch to now opening a beautiful boutique in Ascotvale... we've been secret admirers from from...
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Sense of Style, with Ines Lopéz, Founder of WEAR United

In celebration of our limited-time online partnership with WEAR United, we are proud to present a different kind of conversation...

Ena's Lindy Lloyd and Inés López García of WEAR United share a love of style, with sensibility. What we wear – both on our skin and body – has a profound effect on the way we feel inside and out.
Lindy: To me, a scent that is worn...
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Mother's Day, May 2022:

In celebration of Mother's Day this year, we asked our community to answer a simple, thought-provoking question: "What is one way you can show gratitude to your mum, mother-figure in your life, or yourself?"
An overarching theme we unearthed was the notion of time. Whether it's due to the demands of modern day living, or the physical distance that has separated loved ones across states and countries in the past two years,...
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