The Power of Natural Hand Treatments to Heal and Protect Your Skin

It is important to take care of our hands, as they are one of our most important tools. They are constantly exposed to the elements through wear and tear, and they need to be kept healthy and strong in order to do our daily tasks. 
It is important to use an effective hand cream or lotion to prevent dryness, cracking, and chapping. Here at Ena, our natural hand creams are specially formulated to nourish...
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Celebrate Mother's Day with Nature's Finest Hand Treatments:
Your Ultimate Guide to Pampering Mum's Hands

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show Mum how much you care, and what better way to say ‘I appreciate you’ than by giving the gift of pampering? 
Ena’s range of deluxe hand, hair, and body care treatments provide a wide range of luxurious spa-like treats to make Mum feel extra loved on her special day. Read on to discover why it’s crucial to maintain healthy, moisturised hands for overall well-being, and learn...
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In Conversation With Emma Kate Co

Travels are a facet of life that constantly inspires the Ena brand. In fact, Ena was in part conceived from our founder Lindy's visit to Peru many years ago! 
Seeing the natural beauty in the world, discovering new ways to practice self care, and understanding what it means to navigate life, business and new places lights us up. Naturally, we had to interview Emma Kate Codrington, founder and...
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In Conversation With Paola and Joy

We believe that scent and styling go hand-in-hand: if perfume is the finishing touch to an outfit, then aromatherapy can uplift an interior space, completing it, making it feel like home.
And just like putting together the 'perfect' outfit... When the decor pieces compliment the scent, it feels like a match made in heaven. That's the feeling we had when we gazed upon the beautiful range from Paola and Joy paired with Ena's Essential...
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