In Conversation With Emma Kate Co


Travels are a facet of life that constantly inspires the Ena brand. In fact, Ena was in part conceived from our founder Lindy's visit to Peru many years ago! 


Seeing the natural beauty in the world, discovering new ways to practice self care, and understanding what it means to navigate life, business and new places lights us up. Naturally, we had to interview Emma Kate Codrington, founder and chief wild heart at Emma Kate Co. to hear her perspective! 


(P.S. Emma Kate has interviewed us too! Read Lindy's perspective over on their website journal)  



Our Founder Lindy recently caught up with Emma Kate, presenting her with a series of thought-provoking questions worthy of a sit-down, pen-to-paper response (in her Journal, coupled with Ena's essential oil blends, for an uplifting atmosphere, of course).


Emma Kate Co.



Lindy: Tell me about the backstory of how you started Emma Kate Co.


Emma Kate: Eight years ago I was based in London and living a very different life as a graphic designer for a publishing house - a life of coffee to go, long commutes and Europe-hopping every chance I had.


It was my semi-long-term plan, but when my sponsored work visa didn’t work out my life in London came to a very abrupt halt, and I found myself on a one-way plane back to Australia with no plan B. It was a new beginning in every sense. I felt like my arrival back in Australia was my make or break; a rare chance to run with opportunity.


I had always had a dream that I would start something of my own - it had always been a ‘one day’ vision, never attached to a timeline. And suddenly I found myself with the rare and perfect chance to take a leap. The time was now!


So I hit the ground running and threw myself headlong into chasing my dream - full tilt! I worked night and day, designing my first ever collection. Then I booked a tiny spot at my very first tradeshow and had forty stockists sign on overnight. It’s grown from there! And I’ve never looked back. Broken hearts can be a creative force to be reckoned with!


Emma Kate Co.


Lindy: This kind of origin story makes my heart sing! It's amazing to see the growth of your business, but the core values that are close to your heart have stayed true to your beginnings. What would you say are your top 3?


Emma Kate: Generosity, woven into every touch point.

Intention. We are exceptionally considered with what we create and put out into the world. Quality over quantity.

And attention to the little details. Always!


Emma Kate Co.


Lindy: It's obvious that these values are the thread that runs through every collection you launch, and every product you create. It's something to be proud of. Speaking of - what are you most proud of, since launching your brand?


Emma Kate: Making people’s days. I’m very aware that we are not saving lives in this line of work, but I do really believe that our purpose is to bring joy - make days - stir meaning - and inspire adventure. Whenever someone emails us and says we made their day, or that our planner’s weekly quote struck a chord and resonated deeply - that makes me feel really proud!


Emma Kate Co.


Lindy: I wholeheartedly agree. I think of it like we're in the space that creates moments of joy for people, supporting them as they navigate the trials and tribulations of what it is to be human! How do you navigate the world of business? To you, what does it mean to be a ‘woman in business’? 


Emma Kate: Well, exactly what you’ve asked. It means to be a woman in business! In our day and age, I don’t feel it means any different to be a woman in business than a man in business - we’re all humans in business, chasing our dreams. I show up every day for my dream and work hard. I also show up with kindness and respect for everyone I connect with. I only ask for and hope for the same.



Emma Kate Co.


Lindy: That's all we can ever do. Running a business (and juggling a hundred hats every day) can feel overwhelming at the best of times. What keeps you grounded in business? Do you have any daily self-care practices and rituals?

Emma Kate: Bookending my day with familiar rituals keeps me grounded. In the morning, I always brew a cup of strong English breakfast tea before anything else. And in the evening, my husband and I love to take our puppy Ollie for a long walk around our neighbourhood, to debrief and reflect on our days together.


These simple rituals help me to start my day happy and restored, and end my day with what means the most of all!


Emma Kate Co.


Lindy: That sounds like a wonderful moment in time - and you definitely don't have to carve out a whole day of self-care to feel recharged. Last question. What’s your vision for the future of Emma Kate Co.?


Emma Kate: We are in an exciting season of evolving and expanding, and a season of becoming a little more visible. While I don’t have something tangible to share right now on ‘what’ the future looks like for us, I would love to share how it feels.

It feels expansive.
It feels creative.
It feels incredibly beautiful, and considered, and intentional.
It feels timeless.
It feels connected.
And it feels full of joy.

Watch this space. x



Lindy: We definitely will! In the meantime, if there's an item from the Emma Kate Co. collection that has caught your eye, I encourage everyone to take a closer look over on