Self Care Series:
Amanda, Trawool Estate

To celebrate the recent launch our newest collection of Essential Oil Blends and Roll-Ons, we invited a hand-selected group of women we admire, spanning from business owners to creatives, to answer a few mindful questions centred around the idea of ritual and self-care.

Introducing our Self Care Series.

Today we feature Amanda from Trawool Estate

Amanda is the one who makes things happen over at the stunning Trawool Estate, an iconic getaway destination set within a historic building surrounded by nature. They are a proud host to a gorgeous boutique hotel, where guests can luxuriate with Ena Products featured in every room! Trawool Estate boasts two delectable dining experiences, Wild Water and Turbine Bar & Restaurant with head chef Erick Wek overseeing both. To say we're envious of Amanda's workplace is an understatement... 

Manda from Trawool Estate


Ena: How do you feel at the moment?


Amanda: Busy! Life is often a juggle between work/family/selfcare and this year my intention has been to remind myself to keep that balance in check. Not an easy thing to do working full time with children during Melbourne’s lockdown, but I have done better than I thought I would, and products like essential oil roll-ons are perfect to have in my bag ready to be drawn upon to encourage that focus on my intention.


Ena x Trawool Estate


Ena: What is your go-to self care routine?


Amanda: An Epsom salt bath with scent. It's my place to be alone, to find calm and just breathe! I also love a facial or body scrub to help me to look good as well as feel good afterwards!


Ena x Trawool Estate


Ena: Have there been any rituals that you do to help calm and ground your mind, especially during this year?


Amanda: Roll-on essential oil blends have really helped me find that focus when I’ve needed it. Not just during stressful days, but also as a way to unwind after very long days – sleep is everything when you’re super busy! And anything I can do, to help encourage a better, more restful sleep, is vital!


Ena x Trawool Estate


Ena: What creative project are you most excited about working on now or in the future?


Amanda: We are hoping to open a day spa at the Trawool Estate in the near future! Very exciting to have this amazing service on site at the hotel, and also for the region. I’m also secretly hoping for the odd vacancy when I’m working; to grab a massage or facial in between meetings! Wouldn’t that be fab!?


Ena x Trawool Estate


Ena: What are 3 things you are grateful for?


Amanda: My loving and supporting family, my fun and inspiring work colleagues, and to have been busy through these past tumultuous years.


Ena x Trawool Estate 


Ena: How do you incorporate essential oils into the guest experience at Trawool Estate?


Amanda: We use essential oils in our room sprays across the hotel, and in the diffusers in the public spaces. 

It’s one of the first things we did when setting up the hotel. We hope they create a memory for guests to remind themselves to slow down, care for yourself, and enjoy what’s important to you!


Ena x Trawool Estate



Taking a moment to reflect and look within is a form of self-care too! Save this self-care card and think about your responses:


Ena Products Self Care Card


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