Self Care Series:
Kate James

To celebrate the recent launch our newest collection of Essential Oil Blends and Roll-Ons, we invited a hand-selected group of women we admire, spanning from business owners to creatives, to answer a few mindful questions centred around the idea of ritual and self-care.

Introducing our Self Care Series.

Today we feature Kate James of Total Balance.

Kate James is a celebrated life, business and leadership coach, mindfulness expert and author, and last but certainly not least, a dear friend of Ena. We find ourselves ever-inspired by her wisdom, kindness and generosity, and we couldn't think of a more fitting person to take part in our Self Care Series. She is a living manifestation of her dreams. Through Total Balance, Kate has supported thousands of people to build self-belief and find their direction, inspiring people to live in alignment with their values and make a positive contribution to the world in some way. We can't wait to share her thoughtful responses with you...



Kate James of Total Balance x Ena


Ena: How do you feel at this very moment?


Kate: Right now, I’m at my desk writing, with the window open and the sound of the birds outside. I have the beautiful new Ena Serene blend diffusing beside me so I’m feeling very contented and calm.


Ena: What is your go-to self-care routine?


Kate: Self-care is something I incorporate into my life every day. I meditate upon waking and after breakfast, walk through the bush reserve near our home. At the end of my work day, I do a short yoga practice or if I’m feeling pretty tired, a yoga nidra meditation so I have the energy to get through the evening. Before sleep, I spend a bit of time reading in bed. Swimming or paddle boarding add an extra layer of self-care during summer and in winter, I love nothing more than a visit to the hot springs.


Total Balance Kate James x Ena


Ena: Have there been any rituals that you do to help calm and ground your mind recently?


Kate: Staying connected to nature has been the most grounding ritual for me. As well as walking each morning, I’ve spent most weekends in the garden. We’ve planted some fruit trees, expanded our veggie patch and I’m adding to the range of old-fashioned perennials in the garden bed outside our kitchen window. Right now, it’s full of foxgloves, poppies, cornflowers, lavender and evening primrose. The bees love it and so do I!


Ena: What creative project are you most excited about working on now or in the future?


Kate: I’m in the middle of writing a new program called The Confidence Course. Many of my clients have told me they felt pretty shaken by the events of the last couple of years so I think it’s a good time to revisit what makes us feel genuinely confident. What I teach is more a quiet confidence, that is humble and kind but also about being brave enough to pursue the things that make life fulfilling.


Total Balance Kate James x Ena 


Ena: What are 3 things you are grateful for?


Kate: Having such a beautiful connection to nature every day. Our children and grandchildren who are a constant source of joy. My husband, Chris. We’ve just celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary ­and I feel incredibly lucky to be married to my best friend.


Ena: How do you incorporate essential oils into your day?


Kate: The first thing I do when I sit down at my desk is choose an essential oil or a blend to diffuse. Sometimes I’ll use a single fragrance but I’m really loving the new Ena blends. I’m using Clear before meeting with clients and Serene while doing yoga or meditation in the afternoon. I apply the Sleepy roll on to my wrists once I’m in bed – that gentle fragrance is beautiful to fall asleep with.


Total Balance Kate James x Ena


Taking a moment to reflect and look within is a form of self-care too! Save this self-care card and think about your responses:


Ena Products Self Care Card


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