Self Care Series:
Style Curator

To celebrate the recent launch our newest collection of Essential Oil Blends and Roll-Ons, we invited a hand-selected group of women we admire, spanning from business owners to creatives, to answer a few mindful questions centred around the idea of ritual and self-care.

Introducing our new Self Care Series.

Today we feature Gina of Style Curator

Since the early days of Ena, Style Curator has been a big influence on us. Through her website, Gina shares styling and renovation advice, tours of beautiful homes and endless interior inspiration. We're proud to be part of her gorgeous home interiors too, and we couldn't be more grateful of her support.

Gina - The Style Curator


Ena: How do you feel at the moment?


Gina: Recently, like most people, I found it very challenging. Juggling running my own business with two young kids at home during lockdown, home schooling, while also completing my own studies was all a bit too much!

But today is the first day where the kids are back in their regular routines and there’s been an immediate shift. I feel so inspired and creative, lots of new ideas are flowing and I’m incredibly positive about the future.


The Style Curator x Ena Products


Ena: What is your go-to self care routine?


Gina: Pampering is my jam. Hook me up with a day spa, book me in for a facial or massage and I’m in heaven. 

When that isn’t possible (hello COVID), I love to be out in nature. Taking a long bush walk or being with animals always makes me feel better.


The Style Curator x Ena Products  


Ena: Have there been any rituals that you do to help calm and ground your mind, especially during this year?


Gina: I definitely noticed that the first hour in the morning can really set the tone for the day… especially with young kids locked up at home!

So, my morning ritual involves making a coffee, opening up windows to let in fresh air and light, diffusing oils and straightening out the home to remove visual clutter. Those things just make me feel more positive and that I can tackle the day calmly.

Often before bed I can struggle to switch off. For a few months I’ve been using the ‘Headspace’ app to listen to sleepcasts, relaxing sounds or to meditate for a restful sleep. It’s the best money I’ve spent to help calm my mind.


The Style Curator x Ena Products 


Ena: What creative projects are you most excited about working on now in the future?


Gina: There’s an idea I’ve had for a couple of years now that I’m beginning to put into motion… Hopefully mid-next year I can share it all! Watch this space, ha ha.


Ena: What are 3 things you are grateful for?


Gina: Family. Friends. And seeing the return of normal life!


The Style Curator x Ena Products 


Ena: How do you incorporate essential oils into your day?


Gina: I love to diffuse or burn essential oils every day. I have many diffusers and oil burners around the home.

As much as possible, I make my own natural cleaners and essential oils are a common ingredient (I’ve got lots of blog posts about this). They’re often more effective than chemicals and leave the home smelling amazing, while creating a healthier environment.

I’ve also recently gotten into rollers and love the Ena range. I’ll roll these onto my wrists or temples, or onto the kids' feet before bed, to help them relax and settle for a big sleep. 




Taking a moment to reflect and look within is a form of self-care too! Save this self-care card and think about your responses:


Ena Products Self Care Card


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