Self Care Series:
The DIY Decorator

To celebrate the recent launch our newest collection of Essential Oil Blends and Roll-Ons, we invited a hand-selected group of women we admire, spanning from business owners to creatives, to answer a few mindful questions centred around the idea of ritual and self-care.

Introducing our new Self Care Series.

Today we feature Zoe of The DIY Decorator

We've been long time admirers of @thediydecorator and find our daily dose of home decorating inspo from Zoe, who shares home styling, DIY projects, moodboards and product reviews with such creativity and style. We couldn't be happier to see our new products in her home, we think we fit right in!


The DIY Decorator x Ena Products


Ena: How do you feel at the moment?


Zoe: Tired. It's been a busy year and my body is definitely telling me it's time to relax and be fresh and ready for the new year!


Ena: What is your go-to self care routine?


Zoe: At the end of a busy day, I like to firstly have a warm shower and then park myself on the couch with a good book, and turn my electronic diffuser on with a calming scent to ease me into relaxation.  


The DIY Decorator - Ena Products 


Ena: Have there been any rituals that you do to help calm and ground your mind, especially during this year?


Zoe: Taking a step back from the screen in my life. Phone, tablet, TV. Taking time out to get in the garden, visit the beach, or keeping my mind busy with a DIY or home project really helps me reset and keeps me grounded. 


The DIY Decorator - Ena Products


Ena: What creative projects are you most excited about working on now in the future?


Zoe: We will be doing some home renovations in the new year which I am really looking forward to! Big jobs but ones which will be super beneficial for our home so I'm really excited to start them.


Ena: What are 3 things you are grateful for?


Zoe: Family, friendships and getting to do my dream job every day.


The DIY Decorator - Ena Products


Ena: How do you incorporate essential oils into your day?


Zoe: I use essential oils daily! I love using electronic or reed diffusers around our home so that there's always a lovely scent being emitted. I also keep Sleepy essential oil by my bedside table table that I use nightly. And a roll-on in my handbag to help with my anxiety. 


The DIY Decorator - Ena Products



Taking a moment to reflect and look within is a form of self-care too! Save this self-care card and think about your responses:


Ena Products Self Care Card


Ena’s new essential oil blends are designed to help calm and ground your senses in our ever-changing world. Each scent has been made into a pure essential oil blend, and a matching roll-on in jojoba oil.