In Conversation with WEAR United & Ena

In celebration of our limited-time online partnership with WEAR United, we are proud to present a two-part interview, "In Conversation With..."

Ena's Lindy Lloyd and Inés López García of WEAR United ask each other a series of thoughtful questions about business, purpose and self-care, from one female founder to another.


Read Inés' beautiful responses below, and head to WEAR United to discover Lindy's interview in Part 2.



Lindy: Thanks for joining me, Inés. I'm so happy to be partnering with you - it's quite exciting for both of us. Firstly, I'm curious to learn about why did you start WEAR United?


Inés: I created WEAR United after seeing the impact of Covid-19 on my family’s own fashion label. During lockdown, 170 of the brick-and-mortar boutiques we sold in closed for over a year. Many of them – including my family’s own label – were small, community businesses and not established online, so they were even more severely impacted by the pandemic.


From this, I was inspired to create a platform that would provide a supportive and collective online selling space for similar local, independent retailers, and supply them a broader reach within the market. I also wanted to bring the unique offerings of smaller brands and boutiques to fashion lovers who otherwise would have difficulty finding them.


WEAR United is built to be a community where you can discover and shop beautifully curated Australian fashion while at the same time supporting local businesses.





Lindy: That's such an inspiring journey of resilience and finding opportunities within the challenges, and I love that you've dedicated your platform to showcase independent brands and support local business. It's a value we keep close to heart. Why did you choose to partner with Ena?


Inés: I’ve used Ena products myself for years, so I personally love, know and believe in the quality of your products. WEAR United is all about discovering, connecting and sharing truly special independent brands. I found that Ena takes a very unique approach in ensuring everything you do – from the ingredients you use to the packaging – is as ethical, natural and nourishing as possible. Ena are similarly a female-founded Australian business, and share our philosophy of doing good for the greater good. I’ve brought Ena to WEAR United as our community’s latest discoverable find!



Lindy: Thank you for those lovely words! I'm so glad to hear you've been enjoying a mindful moment with Ena in your daily life. What else keeps you grounded in business?   


Inés: The team I surround myself with, my mentor, and the brands and boutiques we work with. They’ve helped me create a pathway to achieving WEAR United’s purpose. It’s important to be consistent and persevere in your vision, but to also have others help guide and inspire you with different ideas.


Lindy: I wholeheartedly agree, community and connection is so important. For me, having a daily ritual of calm and clarity is how I keep myself feeling balanced between juggling business, motherhood and life. I'd love to know what your go-to self-care practice is?


Inés: I believe consistency is key to self-care! My daily regime includes:

  • Pilates and meditation in the morning
  • Hydrating inside (with liquorish, mint, aniseed tea) and out (with Ena Rose Geranium & Lavender lotion)
  • Taking at least half an hour each day in quiet time for myself (which is the simplest and most essential form for self-care for us all!)
  • A round of squash
  • Applying Ena Sleepy Essential Oil before an early bedtime (no later than 9:30 pm!)



Lindy: My last question is about where you see the future of WEAR United. Like me, I'm sure you have big dreams and I'd love for you to share the vision for your business.


Inés: I want WEAR United to be the go-to for independent Australian fashion brands and boutiques. Every week we add new styles from both up-and-coming and well-known brands, so there’s always something exciting to discover.

My overall vision is to make supporting and shopping local businesses easy and accessible to all. I want to continue to build a community of independent retailers, encourage small businesses, and foster truly original Australian fashion labels. I want to bring customers boutiques and styles they would otherwise not have access to, and help create a more conscious and uncommon wardrobe.


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