Why Clean Beauty is So Important

These days, we're spoiled with choice in the cosmetics world. We could visit a chemist or our local supermarket and stare at the many shelves of products on offer; we could get lost for hours reading the backs of packaging and observing all the promises. But with each new 'claim' that hits the shelves comes modern 'miracles' and 'quick fixes'. How can you tell what's authentic and reliable? How can you separate the false claims from the truth? What exactly does it mean to invest in 'clean beauty'?


In this post, we're gathering our thoughts on how to shop for clean beauty, and why doing so is important for your everyday routine.

Firstly, what exactly is clean beauty?

This could end up as an open debate, and naturally, there are plenty of varied opinions on the topic. When we think 'clean', we think of genuine botanicals, or products that are filled with ingredients that don't contain nasties.


Kat Burki, founder of her self-titled brand (Kat Burki), said clean beauty could be described as a product that lacks toxins. She noted that while some people define it as plant-based or minimalistic in ingredients, it's not exactly that.


What it does mean, she explains, is that there's no chemicals or synthetic ingredients contained in the formula. In another opinion, co-founder of Luna Bronze, Rhiannon Hall said it could also be considered as focus on ingredients that are 'good for you'.

But hang on, synthetic doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad

While more natural ingredients are better for you and the environment, it's important to note that this doesn't mean all other types are 'bad'. In a recent Mecca’s Round Table discussion, Burki also noted that even though synthetic generally means it’s not so great, not all of these types of ingredients are negative.


For example, peptides are beneficial for the skin, even though they aren’t actually of a natural origin.

So why is it so important?

The choices we make in diet, lifestyle and beauty all count towards how our body feels; it plays a big role in the way we act, how we perform and the energy we have to do so. All of these elements also contribute to our overall health. So when we think clean in beauty, we also mean keeping things ‘healthy’ for our body as well.


As Burki explains, the body is fed by the food we consume. When we eat poorly, we feel the effects – and sometimes we can even see them. When you use harmful beauty products, you're also feeding our skin (which is an organ) potentially nasty ingredients. As a result, the effects start to pop up: we see breakouts, dullness, rashes and more.


Products that are formulated with a more natural base are more likely to deliver essential nutrients to our skin. Be it vitamins or other beneficial ingredients, it all plays a role in how we look from day-to-day.


At ENA, our collection is derived from eco-friendly, high-quality ingredients that give back to the body. We cut out the nasties so that your skin (and the environment) can enjoy the benefits.

What do you consider to be ‘clean beauty’?