Rose Geranium has all the best qualities

There are some things in life that make us feel wonderful.  And essential oils are definitely that.  Meticulously extracted from the leaves and flowers of plants, essential oils are sympatico with our nervous systems, and therefore our wellbeing!  

One of Ena’s signature ingredients is Rose Geranium. This oil brings to mind, sweeps of soft velvety leaves with bright flowers and has a scent which uplifts mood and spirit and is also said to have hormonal balancing properties.  Used for centuries in Africa as a curative plant oil, and in Chinese Medicine, as it helps to circulate your qi  (life force) which I think we all need a bit of help with, from time to time.  

Rose Geranium Oil properties are:

Astringent - skin tightening 

Vulnerary - assists the healing process i.e. wounds & cuts.

Cicatrisant - helps fade scars and spots on the skin, by facilitating blood circulation just below the skin’s surface to help promote a uniform distribution of melanin.

Cytophylatic - encourages regeneration of new cells.

Antibacterial, Antimicrobial & Antioxidant - assists removal of toxins from the body

Considering all of the wonderful things that Rose Geranium does to help your skin, it’s little wonder we’ve used it in three of our most popular products - Hand Treatment, Hand & Body Lotion and our luxurious Body Oil.  Partnered with our high quality Lavender essential oil, they’re gaining a cult following amongst our loyal customers.

So pause, take a moment, and breathe it all in. 

 Enjoy! X