How To Keep Your Skin Healthy This Winter

Are you struggling with keeping your skin in good health during the cold winter days? 

The dry indoor air and harsh cold climate can be hostile toward your skin. Fortunately, you can battle these natural enemies by developing a healthy winter skincare routine, focused on body care products that can help you keep your skin in perfect shape. 

Since winter skincare is essential to your overall wellbeing and health, the following tips should help you keep your skin looking radiant, adequately moisturised, and healthy throughout the season. 

In case you didn't know, the cold climate dramatically affects the skin, leaving it dry and deprived of it’s precious moisture. However, you can take care of that problem by adapting your normal skincare routine to make your skin feel nourished and supple.

Skin Care Tips to Combat Cold Climates

Your skin is a tender, protective barrier. Because of that, it takes a bit more effort and time to keep it healthy in harsh conditions. The natural elements like the sun, the wind, and the cold air are merciless. However, it's the low humidity that is worse than all those above. 


It strips your skin of any moisture, leaving it itchy, flaky and dry.  If you want to prevent this from happening, the following tips should help you keep your skin healthy.


2. Moisture Is Precious


Your skin produces natural oils that help keep it healthy by providing the necessary protection. Since winter is known for its low humidity, avoid doing anything that might strip you of that natural moisture. Long showers and baths aren't recommended during winter. 


People often take showers that are too hot. Instead, use lukewarm water and make sure to moisturise your damp skin after showering or bathing. Ena provide a wide range of excellent skin care products that are simply perfect for every season. Whether it's just a wash or a treatment you're looking for, Ena is the brand to count on.


2. Add More Moisture


People turn on the heat in their homes during winter, but they don't consider the drying effects of that indoor heat. Fortunately, you can quickly solve this problem with a humidifier.


Simply integrate it with your heating system and let it humidify the air so that your skin can absorb the moisture. It's also recommended to do everything you can to add moisture from within by increasing your daily water intake. This will keep your skin hydrated at all times.


3. Sunscreen Matters Too


People often forget all about wearing sunscreen during winter. Since it's cold outside, they figure that they don't need it, but they couldn't be more wrong. The sun still affects your skin, just as the cold weather does. 


Even in the snow it amps up low humidity by reflecting off the snow. The UV rays don't take kindly to your skin, and this combination of UV rays and dry air can be devastating to your skin. Ensure you use a top quality sunscreen to keep your skin naturally beautiful.


4. Consider Getting Top-Quality Moisturiser


Radiant skin complements your natural beauty. You need to keep it hydrated if you want it to look radiant. The best way to do this is to buy the highest quality moisturiser. Ena provides a range of body care treatment products that deeply moisturise your skin and provide a soothing effect, leaving your skin supple, hydrated, and rejuvenated. 


These products are made from genuine essential oils, highest quality botanicals, and are eco-friendly. Since there are no additives or chemicals added, they absorb easily and gently into your skin, providing much needed care daily. 


Consider using an oil based moisturiser, as these absorb easily into your skin during harsh weather conditions. Also, your skin needs protection during the night, and a good overnight deep body care treatment is just the thing you need to provide that protection. Dry areas like lips, knees, elbows, feet, and hands need that special, extra care too. 


5. Cleansers Are an Excellent Way to Hydrate


Winter demands more hydration, so we recommend switching your regular body wash for a high-performance cleanser that provides the level of hydration and the moisturisation your skin deserves. 


Since Ena doesn't contain any chemicals that additionally dry off your skin like salicylic and glycolic acid, you can prevent dehydration by moisturising and toning your skin.




Your skin is more exposed and fragile during winter, and it needs extra care, especially if you have a skin condition. With that in mind, get in touch with us here at Ena Products and explore our body care and natural beauty products that can help you keep your skin in perfect condition throughout the season.