Self Care Series:
Kim Wallace Ceramics

Recently, Ena launched our newest collection of Essential Oil Blends and Roll-Ons, designed to help calm and ground your senses in our ever-changing world.

The idea of ritual and self-care can take many forms. Inspired by our new range, we invited a hand-selected group of women we admire, spanning from business owners to creatives, to answer a few mindful questions.

Introducing our new Self Care Series.

Our first feature is Kim Wallace of Kim Wallace Ceramics

We've been long time admirers of KW Ceramics and their beautiful wares (and we think the feeling has been mutual!) Born and raised in the Netherlands, Kim has called Australia home for over twenty years. Kim's eye for design and attention to detail coupled with her passion for high quality, handmade products has been the driving force behind the success of her studio and brand.

Kim Wallace Ceramics


Ena: How do you feel at this very moment?


Kim: A whole mix of things really! It can be pretty hectic at this time of year in the studio as we head into the festive season and the last few weeks have involved a few hiccups production-wise but thankfully, we are back on track. Life’s a real juggle right now, there are some exciting changes underway for the studio, new products in the works and on top of being a business owner, I am also Mum to three wonderful, busy kids. In short, I am feeling motivated, excited, incredibly grateful and as you would imagine, just a little bit tired!


 Kim Wallace Ceramics x Ena Products


Ena: What is your go-to self care routine?


Kim: I am someone who really needs downtime to think, create and make plans. Self-care is something I prioritise - it is absolutely necessary that I take time out so that I can continue to run a successful business and lead an amazing team of creatives. Preparing a nourishing meal, lighting some candles or an oil burner, collecting indoor plants and spending quality time with my kids helps me to stay grounded. Of course, it’s all about balance, so somedays self-care looks like grabbing a quick takeaway dinner or indulging in cake with my coffee.


 Kim Wallace Ceramics x Ena Products


Ena: What creative project are you most excited about working on now or in the future?


Kim: It’s hard to choose just one! As a creative individual and ceramicist, there are always so many projects on the go ~ life is never boring! The nature of handmade is slow, so some of our upcoming lines have been in the making for months ~ I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful team at my side. We’ve been working on a new collection of ceramic vases that have been cast from moulds made using antique bottles and vases. That’s been in progress for quite awhile now and I am delighted to say, they are nearly ready to release into the wild.


 Kim Wallace Ceramics x Ena Products


Ena: How do you incorporate essential oils into your day?


Kim: With so much on my plate, I have absolutely loved using the Ena ‘Clear’ Essential Oil blend roll-on ~ as soon as I received it, I grabbed the roll on and applied it to my wrists and temples. I love the fresh but subtle notes of peppermint in the mix. The calming scent helps me to focus and move forward with clarity and intention ~ something that is important when there are so many things happening. Slowing down to light an oil burner, brewing a cup of coffee or applying essential oils are simple ways to pause and find stillness, before moving on to the next task. I love the ritual and sense of relaxation essential oils bring, which is why we also have our oil burner going every day in the studio and retail shop. I want our customers to feel calm and rejuvenated after being in our store.



Taking a moment to reflect and look within is a form of self-care too! Save this self-care card and think about your responses:


Self Care Questions by Ena Products


Ena’s new essential oil blends are designed for your inner wellbeing. Each scent has been made into a pure essential oil blend, and a matching roll-on in jojoba oil.