What We Are Doing To Help The Environment

At ENA Products we’re committed to crafting natural, luxury skincare, hair and body care, from hand and body wash to shampoo and conditioner, that’s efficacious and a pleasure to use. 

We take beauty seriously — a hydrating hand lotion is so much more, it’s an act of self-care and one that you should feel excited about. Our luxurious all-natural skincare is designed to pamper you from head-to-toe; from our gentle yet fragrant shampoo and conditioner to our creamy, rich hand and body lotions. We take the utmost care in formulating these products to ensure you feel pampered whether you’re running out the door or slipping into a well-deserved bubble bath.  

We’re also conscious that what’s good for our skin must not come at a cost to our planet which is why we are always reassessing and improving our environmental practices and initiatives. Beauty brands have a responsibility to close the loop on waste and create nourishing products you can trust. 

We know that working towards a more sustainable, greener future is something we must constantly strive for which is why, as part of our Environment Policy, we’ve made the move to 100% recycled rPET bottles. As of now, our hand wash, body wash, hand and body lotions, shampoo and conditioner will all come in (recycled)PET bottles which are also 100% recyclable. Both our 500ml and our new 1L refill bottles will be available in rPET — and while the cost of these bottles are higher to our business we think it’s worth it to ensure we’re making smarter, sustainable choices.

Why choose rPET over virgin PET?

rPET plastic enables us to reduce our overall carbon footprint, as once this plastic is recycled it boasts a lower footprint than non-recycled virgin PET. It also takes less energy to create and recycle these bottles. Plus, it’s 100% recyclable meaning the bottle, label, and cap can be disposed of correctly and safely, effectively helping reduce landfill pollution. This type of post consumer waste is also classed as a useful commodity and can be used in manufacturing again and again.

Not forgetting, this sustainable choice also benefits our supply chain as rPET bottles are shatterproof and lighter than glass but on par weight-wise with Virgin PET which helps reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions. 

This change is certainly not the end of our continued commitment towards a more sustainable future but it’s a step in the right direction.

ENA Products’ commitment to a greener future for you

We’ve made it a priority at Ena to create luxury skin, hair and body care free from nasty chemicals and synthetic fragrances because we believe that beauty should be a joy and never something that makes you feel uncomfortable. We believe stepping up for the environment and producing effective skincare can go hand-in-hand which is why our collection is formulated from only the highest quality ingredients in thoughtfully-selected, eco-friendly packaging. 

Our choice to use rPET packaging is in line with this ethos and will complement our tube packaging which uses 33% post-consumer recycled plastic. Using luxury, natural shampoo and conditioner, body wash and even hand lotion should be guilt-free and a chance to give back to your body; it’s a moment to take a little time out of your busy day or relax in the evening knowing you’re applying a formula that both you and the environment benefit from. 

Whether you’re decompressing in the shower with our heavenly-scented and energising Mandarin, Lemon Myrtle & Orange shampoo and conditioners or unwrapping our hand wash and body wash set, we want you to feel confident that you, your skin and our earth is well cared for.